The Cemetery; The Caretaker

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The introduction: I'm Looking to self publish this via Amazon, it's being edited at present.


Confusion, Panic, Pain, Cold, Wet……………….

Where am I?

What’s happening?



These question pounded round and round in my head as the painic and fear in mymind grew. I was too close to the ground to be able to see anything, plus it was dark, so, so dark.

“Well, where is she,” Someone shouted!  (My panic rose, I knew that voice and it filled me with fear. But who is it and why do I know him?)

Someone mumbled a response.

“Well find her. She has broken feet, how can she have run away?"

More mumbles and then the voices began to move closers.

 I became aware of another voice, one much softer and calm. It sounded like he was inside my head. “Hush, lie still. Just a little longer”.

It was odd was strange, but somehow I knew I could trust him, but why? Who was he?

So many questions still flying round my head: Where was I? How did I get here? Why were the voices looking for me? How had my feet got broken?

The footsteps were getting softer so I assumed they were moving away from us. I felt strong arms picking me up, then a cape raping round me, and we moved off into the darkness, the rest is gone, so I assume I passed out.

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