Welcome to the world of the Veggie Patch.
Veggie WeatherThe folly of naming your website after the village you live in, occurs when you no longer live there.
Hence the Bridport Folly Observatory is now called the Veggie Patch Observatory (mainly because it is built in the Veggie Patch.)
So welcome, here you will find all the things which interest me.

There are seven main parts to the Website: either these will open as new pages or they will open in place of this page. A little home button can be found on the bottom of these pages.
Veggie Weather links to our weather site.
Veggie Meteors is all about imaging meteor stikes using radio waves.
Veggie Universe has all my images of various stars, clusters, nebulae and galaxies.
Veggie Spectra looks at learning more about stars by uising a spctroscope and my attempts at imaging some stars.
NLO Spectra is based on the projects that members of the Normana Lockyer Observatory are undertaking.
Veggie Rumours is a selection of poetry, Bible Studies and short books I have been writing.
Veggie Creations links to Galacti Graphics where you can find a variety of gifts to personalise.
Veggie Links does what it says, links to friends, information sites and forums you might find interesting.
 Veggie Meteors
Veggie Universe
Veggie Spectra
NLO Spectra
Veggie Rumours
Veggie Creations
Veggie Links
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