My Poetry

The introduction: Many things changed in 1989 when I moved from Australia to England. I had a necessity to try and sort my thoughts and many fears out of my head, so I began writing them down, thus grew my poems. There is no meter or rhyme to them, just thoughts, questions and worries.

Feeling Lost,
New land around me,
searched high and low,
but all were closed,
"Sorry I thought we wrote to you"
No room at the Inn

Feeling lost,
Wandering the streets
to who knows where
Finally a space, finally a bunk to sleep in
Out at 10am, back at 6pm
Where to go

Feeling lost,
finally a sense of quietness
a sense of awe and wonder,
found a safe place.
I looked at Him
and He looked at me.

No longer lost.

Where is God,
in the bus conductor
who expects the right change
in the busker
sitting outside the shop
in the beggars
each sitting on there cardboard box
in the people
all in a hurry to get to work
In the children
dawdling on the way to school
in the parking warden
trying to deal with the motorists
in the concrete building
created with expertise
in the animals
searching for food in a small park.
Where is God
in me and you.
We came,
arriving one at a time,
uncertain what to do,
uncertain how to act
we ate, we slept
The first day.

We wake
single file to Matins
single file to breakfast
everyone is so quiet
we all feel lost
The second Morning

We eat,
listen to the words of psalms
more listening at lunch
How do you ask for the salt?
Still feeling lost, but well fed,
The second evening.

Single file everywhere
always keeping to the left
what have we learnt
quiet, listening, single file
The third day.

Back home (is it home?)
am I any wiser about the place
am I any wiser about my life
am I any wiser about God's calling
The fourth day.

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