Veggie Rumours

Never did I think of myself as either a poet or a writer , and yet, while moving around I found the need to describe my feelings and experiences which is when I turned to writing poems. The books are primarily Bible Studies or meditation on a specific text or topic, then of course there is my one Fantasy book which is a collection of dreams recreated into a story.
I have also added
links to writers and books which I have enjoyed over the years,
Poems Fantasy Bible Studies
Robyn Cadwallader:
While living in Australia I met Robyn, her husband and children. Recently I have got back in contact and have read the first of her book - The Anchoress, she has just launched her new book - Book of Colours.
Bella Forest:
One of my loves in reading is fantasy and sci-fi. I very much enjoyed Bella Forest's Series of Vampire Books, as well as The Gender Game.
Mercedes Lackey
I have been reading these books since I was young and feel part of my imagination lives with the Valdemar.
Anne McCaffrey
I have read all of the books about Pern as well as many of the Brainship books and enjoyed them all very much.

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